A Team of Experienced Consultants

Capable of addressing relationship issues facing Marketers and their Agency partners from the most basic to the most complex. We are driven by the opportunity to develop customized and creative solutions. These solutions are designed to accelerate innovation to deliver tangible increases in key metrics demonstrating an improved return on marketing spend.

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Content, on-demand creativity, and multiplying consumer connections are driving Agencies to converge with similar skill sets and undifferentiated processes.

With an understanding of the unique needs of each organization we can:

  • Align existing resources to improve service and value received
  • Supplement an existing roster with necessary capabiltiies
  • Conduct an agency search to identify a completely new agency/agency roster

We bring clarity to agency scopes of work and drive value for Clients by:

  • Identifying opportunities to eliminate waste time and effort
  • Reducing the duplication of effort and resources
  • Developing efficient ways to work collaboratively and deliver better, more integrated work
  • Managing the process for Clients to select optimal Agency partners


The secret to long-lasting Client/Agency relationships is proactive Agency management.

We work with Clients to implement customized, trackable, and actionable Agency evaluation processes.

Monitoring the health of the relationship ensures issues are addressed in a timely manner. When we know the symptoms we can develop correction actions and implement practices to enhance relationships.

Process improvements may include:

  • Scope of Work Development
  • Brief Development
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Approval Processes
  • Agency Feedback Training
  • Agency On-Boarding


We believe nothing undermines a good relationship faster than a bad compensation agreement.

Our approach focuses on value received - not on a simplistic, cost-paid approach.

We examine the role of Agencies in the overall marketing scheme to understand their contribution to the business.

We dig into the details to understand the scope, challenges, and requirements needed to optimize staffing and develop appropriate fees.

We work with Clients and Agencies to develop incentive-based compensation tied to key performance objectives that help drive business growth.


Small and mid-sized Clients engage us to restructure internal marketing departments.

Our recommendations help clients capitalize on today’s marketplace which favors speed-to-market and first movers.

We leverage our experience and understanding of how today’s most innovative marketers structure their organizations. With an understanding of a client’s work style, needs and development processes, we collaborate to develop practical and actionable - not theoretical - recommendations.

Our primary focus is on the integration of digital, content and social media responsibilities within the organization.


Clients are demanding expert help to determine the appropriate metrics for marketing activities.

Most engagements reflect a three-party approach:

  1. Clients
  2. Their Agency partners
  3. Their data/analytic firms

We work with all parties to identify the appropriate analytics-based metrics for measuring agency performance and optimizing marketing programs to deliver accountability and better value for clients.