The Burnett Collective was founded to fill a void in the marketplace between the large management consulting firms and traditional agency search consultants. CEOs, CMOs, Marketing VPs, and CTOs are seeking broader services from their consultants, with greater insight into metrics, analytics, and additional rigor in process and implementation.  We understand how business today is different and speed to market matters. The Burnett Collective is evolving the traditional consulting model to be more streamlined, efficient and contemporary.

The focus for The Burnett Collective is to drive value in all assignments by implementing performance enhancing behaviors, measurement systems and optimized operations that tie to brand health and growth.

We define success at the outset of an engagement and are held accountable for the delivery of the results to Clients.

We leverage the collective experience of our consultants to develop customized solutions based on each client’s unique needs, not a cookie-cutter approach.

Other benefits include:

  • Small dedicated team with the competencies and experience most relevant to tackle each client's needs
  • Focused engagement with well-defined deliverables and actionable recommendations
  • Insights derived from a robust casebook of relevant experience
  • Real results that provide value for Clients, their agency partners, and drive brand growth
  • A value proposition tied to performance
  • A program rewarding our Clients for referrals


The Burnett Collective Casebook contains examples of a wide variety of experience we are happy to share with you.  Please contact us to find out more.


Our Clients are our best references.  We are happy to connect them to you to discuss their satisfaction with the value we’ve delivered on their behalf.


The Collective thrives on referrals and kind words from past and current Clients.  We offer Clients a no-cost Client/Agency performance evaluation for each new Client they refer to us. Inquire within.


We believe in delivering value through metrics and have developed a unique value proposition for our Clients.  Contact us to better understand how we practice the accountability we teach.